Until a few years ago, individual software was reserved for companies of corporate size. Today it’s different. Due to digitalization and the strong competition, individual software also brings advantages for smaller companies. This is because there are now more opportunities to create customized solutions. But what is the advantage of a customized software solution? Why should your company hire development tailored to your business? We are happy to clarify.

Can custom software have advantages for us? This is something that small and medium-sized enterprises are increasingly asking themselves. Digitization is on everyone’s lips and the company’s own software landscape forms the basis for all digital planning. In addition to the costs for development and support, there are often organizational reasons that speak against individually developed software. But is this claim still up to date?

More and more start-up companies are springing up and challenging the business models of the hidden champions from the SME sector. Some processes need to be rethought. A compatible and lean solution to increasing competition lies, for example, in the development of digital add-ons to an existing product. They build on the existing and expand in an individual way. This type of development is inexpensive and requires little effort.

Have software developed: Then it makes sense

Standard solutions from the software sector are not always sufficient for the individual needs of the respective company. Then, inevitably, new development must take place. Customized solutions make sense when they strengthen a company’s USP (unique selling proposition).

A large number of solutions already exist for standard processes, and there it definitely makes sense to integrate them before reinventing the wheel. However, if these are specific processes that define your company, it is worth developing new solutions. For example, because this software makes your company more efficient or clearly differentiates it from the competition.

Software development agency with experience in medium-sized business

In recent years, we at WOGRA have implemented several software solutions for medium-sized companies. Our experience with medium-sized customers has been consistently positive – yet we still had to learn one or two aspects. For example, SMEs often lack experience in working with external service providers in software development.

This circumstance has the logical consequence that customers are not familiar with basic procedures in software development. In order to close these knowledge gaps, it has proven useful for us to use an agile coach for the intensive exchange with our clients. This also conveys what is expected from customer:inside to create a successful software.

Aiming for a new software solution: Here’s how it works

Especially the objectives for new software solutions we work out intensively with you. In order for individual software to offer advantages, we first determine the basics in a joint workshop. In the first step, we find out why the new software is needed and what benefits you expect from it.

For this purpose, KPIs (key performance indicators) are defined, i.e. concrete key performance indicators. These are measurable values that increase the success and performance of your company because of the new software. Together, we define what these are in concrete terms, so that we can then measure how your goals have been achieved.

We then begin to define the design and function of your software solution in further workshops. We involve you strongly at every stage to ensure that we always act in accordance with your ideas. In several interactions we get closer and closer to the desired result.

Often, modules are already completed to such an extent during this time that they can be put into productive use for you during the project term. We request feedback from end users to optimize the user experience – a common process in software development.

Conclusion: Customized software must be flexible and lean

Professionals know it: custom software must offer new possibilities under the premise of precisely programmed codes. This gives you, the client, many options. For example, you have the greatest possible influence on product design and determine what is necessary and what is not. You will achieve special automations that will let your company save a lot of time. And of course, you also save on licensing costs, which you would have to factor in permanently with off-the-shelf software.

We would be happy to support you in deciding whether the effort and cost of an individual solution is worthwhile. In addition, we examine the compromise of an Add On’s, which docks on your existing software by interfaces. In the end, we may even come to the conclusion that standard software is sufficient. Either way: We advise and support you in this process and in every other necessary planning phase.

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