Single Page Applications – The ideal solutions for your web applications!

When developing web applications, we rely on single-page applications (SPAs). In contrast to classic web applications, the interaction between frontend and server is greatly reduced here. This reduces the required server resources and ensures optimal performance even with high visitor numbers. Today, more and more web applications are implemented as single-page applications – well-known examples include Netflix and Twitter.

The project process

Our goal is to deliver software with the highest quality standard in the shortest possible time. Based on our many years of experience, we have therefore developed an agile, benefit-oriented project process.

1. Initiation
Together with you, we develop a solution scenario.

2. Conception
Your project is planned in detail; technical preparations are made.

3. Realization
Implementation takes place as part of an iterative process. The desired features are prioritized and gradually developed together with you, while the quality is constantly assured. Intermediate states are deployed to your test system at regular, pre-defined intervals.

4. Introduction
The delivery process starts with the overall acceptance of the features. If all requirements are met, the respective version is released and played on your production system. Subsequently, other projects are possible. We are also happy to support you within the framework of a support contract.


Unique software solutions require individual approaches. Therefore, WOGRA uses a proven portfolio of methods, programming languages, databases and frameworks. This enables us to use technologies that are precisely tailored to your project.

We use the following technologies in projects related to web applications:


  • Angular
  • Spring Boot
  • OAuth2
  • Vue.js
  • Vaadin
  • Node.js
  • And many more!

References and projects

We are proud of ourselves on moving our customers forward. Therefore, we would like to present you some web applications that we have successfully implemented together with our customers.

Comprehensive Web Application for Sesitec

Wakeboard facilities are now represented all over the world. The Bavarian company Sesitec GmbH is an integral part of the wakeboard scene and market leader in terms of 2-mast systems. Together with WOGRA, Sesitec has developed a software solution that bundles administration, CRM, ticketing and lift management for facility operators in one clear application. Wakeboarders can use the software solution to register on site or online, purchase tickets and then directly turn relaxed laps on the water. The lift operator can see details about the lift as well as the wakeboarders currently on the water at a glance via an easy-to-use lift management system.

For the provision of a fully comprehensive lift system, the software solution was connected to the actual lift control system via the MQTT protocol. The software was implemented with Angular in the frontend and Java-Spring in the backend. It is operated in the cloud and is used worldwide. In total, the development time was ten months; three WOGRAners worked on the solution.

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