People are talking more and more about lived values in companies. Especially in times of crisis, more and more companies are dealing with this issue. At WOGRA, we knew at the time of our founding that we didn’t want to be driven by metrics alone. Because entrepreneurship obliges. We have ethical boundaries and we act according to them. We are happy to explain in this article: What is value-based management? Who do these values serve? What do WOGRA customers get out of it?

Let’s assume you don’t know WOGRA yet. You have entered software development Augsburg in the Google search. Now you have landed here. We want you to know right from the start that we are different from many other software companies. Our professional competencies are one thing. We have experience and with our work we make sure that companies gain new customers, get simplified workflows or can open up new business areas.

For over 10 years, we have been helping small and large companies of all industries integrate professional software systems. We develop web apps, mobile apps and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. In this way, we make companies fit for the future and increase their efficiency. What definitely distinguishes us from a conventional software development company is the WOGRA value system: we don’t think about profit alone. The benefit to society as a whole is important to us. In doing so, we strive to achieve a harmonious balance of performance values, cooperation values, social values and ethical values. Also to the delight of partners and customers.

Software developer with a sense of environmental protection and humanity

In value-based management, the environment is not seen as a pool of resources to be exploited with a view to increasing profits. On the contrary, for the relationship between the company and the environment to remain stable, the company must also make resources available to the environment.

Good social conditions for employees are also crucial at WOGRA so that they enjoy going to work and can fully realize their potential. According to studies, responsibility and trust are important to 70% of all professionals. These are also the cornerstones of cooperation with our business partners.

We are convinced: If our company provides its employees with orientation, security and meaning, this promotes their motivation and independence. The projects of our customers also profit from this.

Software development Augsburg: How we implement our values

We are aware that the quality of our work contributes decisively to the success of our customers and partners. To achieve the best results, we bring creative minds together, create space for inspiration as well as new experiments and continuously develop ourselves and our knowledge. Our team is our most important and valuable asset, therefore humanity and team spirit are our top priorities.

The WOGRA value system comprises five important pillars:

  • Fair partner:inside
  • Transparent communication
  • Solid finances
  • Mindset and soft skills
  • Innovation and Open Source

Internally, the following important values count in our daily work:

  • Integration and responsibility
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Team competence
  • Willingness to cooperate
  • Self-reflection
  • Trust instead of control
  • Work-life balance
  • Health
  • Social competence
  • Promotion of young talent
  • Corporate success

Our ethical guidelines – regardless of our workload situation:

As a matter of principle, WOGRA does not work with companies that promote political extremism. Likewise, we do not develop for companies that violate human rights. In addition, we do not work for state-owned enterprises of countries that commit human rights abuses. We also do not work for companies whose purpose is the manufacture or trade of weapons. Companies that provide their services through child labor or deliberately violate workers’ rights will also not be among our customers. We want to be the Augsburg software development company that only works for ethical companies.

Conclusion: customers can expect a lot from us

You may now ask yourself: How do I benefit as a partner:in and customer:in through the WOGRA value system? We would like to answer this question openly: We feel committed to our customers – your success is personally close to our hearts. We want to live up to your trust, because we really appreciate it. We promise you only what we can actually deliver. We guarantee short response times. And we are committed to working together as partners.

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