We bring your product idea to life!

Many entrepreneurs have good product ideas. However, the resources to implement them are rarely available. That’s why WOGRA exists: as a professional partner, we support you in the development of web applications, mobile applications and solutions with artificial intelligence (AI). We develop digital products or innovative extensions for your existing solutions. We work with our agile software development method so that your idea becomes a marketable product in the shortest possible time!

That is why we are the right partner for you

Experienced, flexible, fast and close to the customer.
That’s why WOGRA is the right partner for your digital product:

  • Experienced developers
  • Consistent pursuit of the design thinking approach
  • Agile development process ensures flexibility and transparency
  • Fast product releases and thus better planning capability
  • Advice on technical feasibility

We turn ideas into digital products

Web Applications, Mobile Applications or AI Solutions:
We develop solutions that make your company more innovative.

Unused potential?

You want to take a step into the future, inspire your customers with innovative digital products and create added value – but can’t manage the product development yourself? We are happy to help!


WOGRA works according to the principle of agile software development. This allows us to offer you planning security, iteratively deliver new versions and bring your solution to market quickly and efficiently.

Keep up with the competition!

Your digital solution keeps you fit for the future. You can realize new digital business models, open up additional business areas, acquire new customers and sustainably increase your sales.

References and projects

We are pride of ourselves on moving our customers forward. That is why we would like to introduce you to digital products that we have successfully developed together with our customers.

ORC: Analysis tool for digital recruiting

For some time now, the term “war for talents” has been haunting the boardrooms of German companies. The shortage of skilled workers has become a serious problem.

Nevertheless, many companies do not adequately address the question of how they can best position themselves in the competition for the best skilled workers. That is why PERIM Digital GmbH, together with WOGRA, has developed a software product that helps companies to master the “online recruiting challenge” with flying colors. The ORC (Online Recruiting Check) analysis tool scans a company’s entire online presence and analyzes the quality of the most important factors. In addition, ORC determines a benchmark to put the results in relation to competitors. ORC was implemented by WOGRA as a single page application with Angular in the frontend and Java-Spring in the backend. In addition, a web crawler is used. Vue.js is used to generate the reports. Three WOGRAners worked on the project over a five-month period.

Virtual Reality Learning App for BMW

BMW is one of the most progressive companies in the world – not only in the automotive sector, but also in the field of employee development. Together with WOGRA, BMW has expanded its in-house training academy to include a virtual reality learning app.

In the app, learning content, mostly in the form of videos, is conveyed with the help of VR glasses. Users can thus completely immerse themselves in the learning universe and seal themselves off from outside influences. This not only improves the ability to concentrate, but also increases receptivity. Gamification elements have also been integrated: Learning is monitored via small quizzes, and comparison with other users is possible via leaderboards. Content is provided and managed via the backend of the app. In total, four WOGRAners worked on the project over a four-month period.

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