DevOps – support and maintenance

Before software solutions are delivered, it is important to clarify where the application will be operated and who will be responsible for maintenance. For maintenance issues WOGRA is your reliable partner! As part of our DevOps services, we offer various services that ensure the operation of your software solution. Your solution is operated in a DIN ISO 27000 certified data center located in Germany. We guarantee the stable and always up-to-date availability of your application. We use the team of experts who have already been involved in the development of your solution and are therefore very familiar with it. In this way, we can bring about solutions quickly and reliably in the event of a problem.


Unique software solutions require individual approaches. Therefore, WOGRA uses a proven portfolio of methods, programming languages, databases and frameworks. This allows us to use technologies that fit your project perfectly

We use the following technologies in projects around DevOps:

  • Gitlab
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Traefik
  • Let’s Encrypt
  • Prometheus


References and projects

We are pride of ourselves on moving our customers forward. That’s why we would like to introduce you to some DevOps projects that we have successfully implemented together with our customers.

Sesitec: Monitoring of the Web Application

The Bavarian company Sesitec GmbH is a leading manufacturer of wakeboard equipment. WOGRA takes over the monitoring of the software and thus ensures the safe and error-free operation of the systems distributed all over the world. The entire system is monitored using technical and business metrics based on the Prometheus time series database and then visualized using Grafana. In addition, a notification function has been integrated that alerts the responsible persons quickly and reliably via e-mail and SMS in the event of problems. In this way, we ensure that problems are identified and prevented at an early stage. With CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery), we ensure that bug fixes and new versions are rolled out to customers’ production systems within minutes and without downtime. Proven technologies such as Gitlab CI/CD, Docker and Kubernetes are used. We work with a classic ticket system to ensure optimal customer support and communication. In addition, each customer is assigned a personal contact person to assist with questions and problems. Two WOGRA DevOps Engineers are responsible for monitoring the customer’s web application.


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