“My career started out as a student employee in software development. At the age of 25, I was already head of development projects in the banking sector. Now I help companies take their first steps into the digital world with my team of experts. That’s why I know from experience that true passion, flat hierarchies and a wide scope of creativity offer a perfect professional stepping stone.”

– Wolfgang Graßhof, WOGRA Founder and CEO –

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WOGRA | Individual software solutions for companies

Software Developer

(m/f/d) Full-Stack Java / Angular

WOGRA | Individual software solutions for companies

IT Consultant

(m/f/d) Full time

WOGRA | Individual software solutions for companies

UI UX Designer

(m/f/d) Full time

WOGRA | Individual software solutions for companies

Software Tester

(m/f/d) Full time

Customers appreciate the solution-oriented drive of our team. For we want good ideas to succeed. That’s what drives us and makes us perform at a high level. Whether you’re a creative thinker, an organizational talent or a developer, everyone in the team gets to do what they do best. And they do it exactly where they like to work best. This creates a high level of motivation to develop the best results together. In this way, we are particularly close to our customers.

6 frequently asked questions

1. Can I work at WOGRA wherever I want?

We take that for granted. If you’re most productive in your favorite socks in front of your fireplace or in a hammock on the beach, why would you come to the office? You can also meet your nice colleagues on a video call. You just have to make your own coffee.

2. What is the Trans-Sidonian WOGRA Railway?

Whether coding, designing or building: In our internal exercise project, you can board the train exactly where it suits you best. Riding the train has 4 big advantages for you:

  • You can learn and try out new things during the journey.
  • You can enjoy your journey without stress.
  • You come into contact with new technologies.
  • You are in lively exchange with your colleagues and learn new things in a playful way.

The Trans-Sidonian WOGRA Railway is perfect for your personal development.

Buy your ticket and get on board!

3. Can I participate in your research projects?

In our research projects, such as the work for the DLR (German Aerospace Research Center), there can’t be enough colleagues with a spirit of research and tinkering. If you’re up for it, we always have a spot for you.

4. Why do you offer profit sharing for me?

Economic success is a joint effort. That is why we consider it a matter of course to give all employees a share in our success and to reward good ideas and high commitment in the form of profit sharing.

5. Is it true that you hire lateral entrants?

Yes, because there are other things that count besides your CV. For our customer projects and research work, we are looking for problem solvers who can think outside the box. Let’s chat about what appeals to you professionally and whether we have tasks for you.

6. What do you mean by sociocratic decision-making?

In our company, decisions are made on a grassroots basis. This means that individuals also carry weight in votes. If you have justified objections with regard to the achievement of goals, these are taken into account. We then work together to find solutions.

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